Law Graduate Program

Pairing recent law graduates with legal service organizations to gain experience and provide representation to low-income Georgians.

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Need for Legal Representation

Georgia courts closed for three months due to Covid-19.  There is a major backlog of cases, especially in the areas of protective orders, landlord-tenant, and criminal cases.  At the same time, more families are under financial stress and need low-cost legal services.

Recent Grads Need Experience

Recent law graduates are unable to take the Summer 2020 bar exam, are less likely to be employed, and still want legal experience.


L4EJ provides training and resources allowing recent law graduates to gain legal skills within legal service organizations while representing low-income Georgians.

The Program

The Training

Law Graduates are given basic training on lawyering skills as well as practice area-specific training in an on-line boot camp.  

The Work

Law graduates are paired with either a public defender's office or pro bono legal services organization to do direct legal representation.

The Mentoring

Law Graduates will have weekly group mentoring, ongoing training, and one-on-one coaching throughout their time in the program.

Public Defender's Office

Under the supervision of a Senior Attorney, Graduates in the Public Defender Program may handle misdemeanor cases in State Court and the Non-Complex division of Superior Court, conduct, legal research, appear at first appearance calendars, pre-try cases with the State, handle bond motions, and possibly handle negotiated pleas.  Specific activities will depend on the circuit placement.


Civil Pro Bono

Under the supervision of a senior attorney, graduates in the Civil Pro Bono Program may handle family violence protective orders and/or landlord-tenant cases, including performing research, preparing witnesses, and representing clients at hearings.


Must be a recent graduate of a Georgia law school or of an accredited law school from another state who has not yet received the results of his or her first taking of any bar examination.


It costs L4EJ approximately $1,500 per participant to administer this program.  Thanks to generous donors, we will are able to offer this program, which includes initial boot camp, ongoing training, mentorship/coaching, and free research software, free to participants.  L4EJ is soliciting additional donations to provide modest stipends for participants who do a full-time pro bono placement at a public defender office or other public interest law program.

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