Low Bono Spotlight: Ansley Sluss

Ansley Sluss brought a passion for providing high-quality, affordable immigration services to L4EJ when she joined in November 2016. In her time in the program, Ansley has developed a criminal defense and family immigration practice. She expects to move into the high-need “crimmigration” space over the next few years.

Ansley likes these practice areas in part because they lend themselves to flat fee pricing. While in L4EJ, Ansley has concentrated her low bono practice on immigration clients, offering services that are within 20% of what legal services organizations such as the Latin American Association or Catholic Charities charge. Ansley has also incorporated low bono into her criminal defense practice by offering lower rates and more flexible payment options to clients based on their ability to pay. As her criminal practice grows, Ansley plans to maintain a mix of full-rate and discounted rate cases, making her discounted services available for approximately half of her clients at any given time.